28/02/15 to 14/03/15. 

Highlights to include: Days of Mindfulness in Saigon and Hue, daily sitting & walking meditation, vegetarian meals, and sharing the Dharma. Includes 10 days in charming Hoi An where we will practice daily working meditation for six days on three community projects in Quang Nam Province, as well as enjoy the local friends, the beautiful countryside, and the Art of Relaxing.

Temple Tu Hieu The Old Gate

Temple Tu Hieu, The Old Gate


14/03/15 to 28/03/15

Registration Deadline for Either or Both Retreats is 10/ 03/ 14


“Going like a river,” we will travel as a Sangha, practicing in established monasteries, visiting historic pagodas & various humanitarian projects, meeting Vietnamese friends, and enjoying a variety of cultural events. We will practice daily sitting and walking meditation, mindfully enjoying vegetarian meals, and sharing the Dharma.


Practice will be led by Dharma Teacher Chan An Đinh (Trish Thompson – True Concentration on Peace) and co-led by Zen Chaplain/Order of Interbeing member Chân Niêm Quang (Michael Melancon – True Recollection of Light). For more information and to reserve your space for either one or both retreats email Chan An Đinh at



6 thoughts on “Tour Viêt Nam

  1. Jerome Axle Brown

    My name is Jerome “Axle” Brown (Healing Breath of the Heart). I saw a flyer for the Mindful Mobile retreat in Vietnam during my time at the Plum Village Summer 2014 Opening retreat last week. I was planning on being in Vietnam around the time this retreat starts (02/28/15) and wanted to know if there’s still space available? I would love to be joyfully together with the sangha again :)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    br. Axle (Healing Breath of the Heart)

    1. Patricia Thompson Post author

      Dear Brother Axle, I somehow missed seeing your comment, so am now just replying. YES! There is space for you. I shall send all info to your email address. Returning your smile, Trish

  2. kalbhenn Agnes

    ´read from Ulrich the report about the tetreat and the journey in Vietnam.

    I have been in Plum village some Years and praticing since a long time.

    I´m interested in informations because I´m interesed – my be I can it make possible to “go ” with You to vietnam.

    I´m also spending money in Interbeeing prjects.
    lotus for You

    Agnes ( Freudig nährendes Herz!)

    1. Patricia Thompson Post author

      Dear Agnes,
      Wunderbar! Ich hoffe, hier in Viet Nam dich, zu treffen! (Ich kann nur ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen, aber ich bin gluchlich, zu versuchen!

      I will email you at your email address and send information. Smiling! Trish

  3. José Jaspers

    Dear Trish,
    I am a member of the Dutch Sangha in Haarlem. My partner and I booked tickets to Hanoi for november 13. ( Not knowing about your tour, unfortunately).
    One of my Sangha members told me about you and therefore I contact you. I hope I do not bother you. On internet I read about you and it is so good to experience that our ways of practice are so similar. In Haarlem we practice in the same way as in Hanoi!
    Is it possible to attend one of your meditation sessions?
    Though I know you are not a Tourist Office, I would like to ask you about the following.
    We intend to visit Yen Tu, the Thay Pagoda, the Perfume Pagoda and, But Tap. I think we can book tours for that, but are there more spiritual tours, less touristic?
    Afterwards we ‘d like to visit the surroundings of Ninh Binh, Halong Bai and the Northern part, including Ba Be lake. Do you have tips for that? Do you know if it is neccessary to book in advance, from the Netherlands?

    A bow and a Lotus for you from

    José, ( Joyful Sovereignty of the Heart)

    1. Patricia Thompson Post author

      Dear Joyful Sovereignty, :-) What a beautiful name you were given by our teacher!

      I am happy to hear from you, and oh so sorry that you cannot join us in March, but you will have a wonderful experience in November, I’m sure of it.

      Yes, of course, you will be welcome to join a meditation session. A group meets on Monday evenings at Zenith Yoga Center in the Tay Ho region of Hanoi. Another opportunity is offered on Tuesday evenings, also in the Tay Ho area. I will send that contact info in a private email to you.

      Regarding your plans, I suggest Ann Tours. They are the agency I work with, and their guides are quite good. They have a Hanoi office. You will probably want to join a group, so the cost will be lower. Yes, the tours are for visitors/tourists, but most people who are interested in climbing Yen Tu Mt are pilgrims, and I think we can say that most who visit pagodas are also interested in the spiritual life.

      You might want to discuss options (via email), in advance, with Ann Tours, Google them. Personally, I like to leave a little to “chance” when I travel, so I tend to NOT make advance reservations, leaving some unscheduled time for “the unexpected” which can be so interesting! I believe you COULD wait to make ALL final arrangements AFTER your arrival, but that might not feel good to you. I’ve booked, several times, an overnight cruise on Ha
      Long Bay by going to the Tamarind Cafe on Ma May Str. There is a travel agency in the rear. I’ve always been very satisfied. If you book through Ann Tours, you might
      want to make sure your cruise includes the opportunity to kayak (so fun!).

      Have an amazing time!

      Sending a Smile from Hoi An,
      True Concentration on Peace


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