The Articles of Incorporation state that: We are a CHARITABLE organization whose purpose is to offer financial relief to poor and needy families and individuals in Viet Nam, including, but not limited to, those affected by the legacy of war, i.e. genetic damage caused by the herbicide Agent Orange/Dioxin and and/or affected by the loss of the family breadwinner due to death or injuries caused by explosive remnants of war.



As a USA-based, family-sponsored, non-profit organization with tax-exempt status as a 501 (c) (3) charitable entity, we can accept donations from anyone anywhere; however, only US citizens are eligible to claim a tax-deduction in the amount of their contribution.

The overall mission of the LOVING WORK FOUNDATION (LWF) is to serve as a bridge of understanding between individuals and communities in the East and in the West. Our approach is to build community by organizing retreats in Viet Nam during which the group participates directly in various projects that support this mission. Those who come are asked to involve their families and communities back home by giving them the opportunity to make a financial contribution.

In order to fulfill our more concrete purpose of improving the lives of children and families in Viet Nam, we partner with existing local non-governmental agencies (NGOs) which are already successfully operating in the country. Together with our partners, we assess the need and the feasibility of a particular project, and then provide the funds and small groups of individuals to help bring the project to fruition. The local NGO lays the necessary foundation, i.e. dialoguing with community leaders, ordering materials, and securing legal permits. Our volunteers are trained by local staff, and work in the field under the supervision of local NGO staff.